Lakehome Games is a tiny, but growing, game development studio working on our first commercial release.  We’re slowly becoming more active and recognized in the indie game development community.  Our team is currently composed of 1 designer & illustrator, 1 programmer, 1 musician, 1 3D artist, and 1 manager of mayhem; and we’re looking for people to join us and help us prepare for our first Kickstarter.

But I’ll be honest – sometimes there are sea shanties.

If you’d like the learn more about Lakehome Games, drop me a line:

My name is Darrel Cusey.  I started programming in Machine Language when I was 9 years old, and more or less haven’t stopped since then.  I’ve been professional computer programmer for over 20 years now, and started learning about game engine programming (and World Building) seven years ago while I was working as a World Builder for Simutronics using the Hero Engine.  I mostly program in C and C++, but I’m learning to love C#.  My current favorite game development tools are Unity, Blender, and Gimp — but I’ve used literally hundreds of tools over the years, those are just my current favorites.

I am an advanced level programmer, a proficient game programmer, and game designer recruit.  A short list of my older game programming credits include:

The World of OMEN website is no longer maintained, but the repository is still available here: http://code.google.com/p/worldofomen/

More recent work focuses on very quickly-written complete games — often done in Jams: like the Ludum Dare, PirateKart, and the Global Game Jam.  I’m working with my local IGDA (Twin Cities) and these Jams to develop my game design and execution skills. 


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